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I'll be reassessed each other's strengths,cheap beats by dre at walmart.
Due to very hungry, we looked for a nearby restaurant.
Cushion is thick, it feels like sofa cushions to sit, very comfortable.
Restaurant looks very Orthodox. I changed the slippers, walked into the restaurant. Large room is empty, no tables, chairs,cheap beats by dre at walmart, benches, stools--furniture. Girl barefoot in the rush on the wood floor,cheap beats by dre at walmart, quickly laying out the cushion, a very short rectangular tables are placed.
G-G across from me sat cross-legged to meditate on that mat, posture is very interesting, the way I learned that he can soon will stand it,cheap beats by dre at walmart, leg starts, lumbar pain, had to stand up and stretch.
See me like this G-G could not help laughing, saying it is the practice of States, barely not. Law of China is also the seat of the ancients I excuse, just changed that subsequently felt uncomfortable postures.
G-G so nice to my bullshit, grinned, greet stewardess serving.
Dozens of small dishes are placed. Style of the dish, I do feel a bit like an ashtray, like shades.
You dish is known there is Korea kimchi, such as cabbage, carrots, cucumber, seaweed or something, looks light and tasty, but small portions. Rai per-plate, only a small amount, about three chopsticks will be able to carry out.
I thought to myself, forget it, taste taste is enough, after all, to Korea so much day is officially on the outside after dinner, can only blame G-cooker's cooking too good – there are themselves too lazy.
G-G explained that it was a waste and what to do if I love, makes no difference to a pot.
Then the waitress brings out the stove and sizzling, Korea barbecue came up. While it is eaten at home, Korea barbecue, but obviously more authentic local anyway.
What did people say when?
Not only taste good, seasoning is also a unique flavor, then served with G-G by and constantly shows the regular way of eating, a meal to put down my appetite have been thoroughly satisfiRelated Articles:
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