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......" Yan Zhang hesitantly.
  "Well, actually ... ... My mom wanted to take me to Hong Kong, before going to Australia to read! "Yan Zhang finally said. Although I have known brother Yan Zhang's mother was going to send her to Australia to study, Yan Zhang told more proves the authenticity of the message.
  "Better than what, I won't leave you, I want to talk with you! "Yan Zhang said bluntly, moved me really know, Yan Zhang have been loyal to me.
  "I applied to accompany a visa came to Asia! "I'm smooth talker said,cheap beats by dre amazon.
  "Bah, get married before you can check and read along, who must marry you! "Yan Zhang blush said.
  "No, he didn't say don't marry you, is still very small, how ... ..." Yan Zhang voice the said the smaller, I almost couldn't hear her.
  "What are you talking about Asia? I didn't quite catch,cheap beats by dre amazon, will you say that again, "I purposely make Yan Zhang.
  "Okay,cheap beats by dre amazon, interview over, we'll talk to go problem! "I said.
  "Well, you have to take the interview, fight for us in Hong Kong and then go to Australia! "Yan Zhang is an idea.
  I returned to the bedroom and took out the key to open the door, half-twist to open it.
  I step back, looked and I sure didn't go wrong bedroom, tried it again, the door is not open.
  Ah, the natives do, and is not hiding in his bedroom to see porn, don't call me, very emotional. I knocked at the door, for a long time nobody answered. I'm angry!
  "Don't open the door,cheap beats by dre amazon, I am going to expose you, hiding in the bedroom watching porn, and locked the door," I loudly shouting loudly.
  Didn't think we didn't open the door of the bedroom,cheap beats by dre amazon, it is next door to a lot of people fleeing here asked me, did you really have a piece, take our test.
  I'm out this group of people, for quite a while, Mitsuishi slowly came to open the door.
  "You three natives hide in the bedroom watching porn? Lock the door? "I asked Mitsuishi.
  "No, brother, two natives in a dormitorRelated Articles:
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