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Quietly listening to Ye Zhihan confessions of a blood, Kang Diqin hearts of feelings. Original genuine physical and psychological trauma of victimization
Means of resurrection.
Are Ye Zhihan,cheap beats by dr dre green, he ... ... Foolish hate of her six-year-old,cheap beats by dr dre green, even thought she and Rhodes had taken
Rhodes! Son of a bitch! He did not let him! Never!
Nose, Kang Diqin smiled.
Give us all after the stalker has long been on his mind, Ye Zhihan suddenly found the whole people a lot easier. She wiped away her tears,
"I'm telling you this is not begging for sympathy or compassion to comfort you, I just wanted to let you know the
The truth and resolve your misunderstanding and hatred for me. I do not want to leave their beloved man always hate myself, do not want to
Allow yourself to continue to live in a dream. "" Love? "His brows a pick, finally opening up.
He has become a thing of the past.
I do not know why, heard these words, he was relieved,cheap beats by dr dre green, because she is no longer attached to him, in her life,
Kang Diqin am but the idea confusing, his tight black eyebrows.
For Ye Zhihan, did he love and hate? Now knew the truth, he should be happy for yourself,
Unfortunately, she was no longer in love with her, but I was no anger?
After all, she does not betray themselves, should also be inclusive clumps of her story, but why does he now felt sorry
With her,cheap beats by dr dre green?
Surprised to see Kang Diqin filled with bewildered look, Ye Zhi chill moves, could not help but ignited a glimmer of hope--he's still in love
"In fact,cheap beats by dr dre green, over the years ... ... I have not forgotten you ... .... "Guts, Ye Zhihan no longer hide their
He was really sincere, decided to lift the soulful eyes meet his handsome face and unruly, hoping his face
Unconsciously reached between tighter. Distress clearly written on his face, stab Ye Zhihan, the two once again
See share her affection. "Because--I've always loved you ... .... "Look and inauspicious alike, Kang Diqin mishap
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