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. He decided to
Move to talk to Gu Chuanli, even if only one or two sentences!
Gu Chuanli say seemingly dispensable: you did buy food?
Hong Zihan understand prowess behind the phrase Gu Chuanli, holding said: I quite like a grocer 's.
Gu Chuanli said: I haven't met you before I buy food?
Hong Zi Han grievance made up nonsense: usually want to visit do not have time,cheap beats by dr dre china, and happen to have guests in the House today.
No guests in his house the other day,cheap beats by dr dre china, he even more humiliating is that Gu Chuanli did not lead him to the stand. Gu Chuanli
Officer faces, commanding turned and walked away.
Bend knees! Three points he didn't need reminding Gu Chuanli, Gu Chuanli him three points has the right to do everything!
Three years ago this scene memories Hong Zihan is hate, he doesn't understand how he can be alive
He who is himself a strong desire? He is not a man without passion, he is not without thoughts
Man, and he has voluntarily buried all the passions and ideas. And for what?
Neither he nor Gu Chuanli southerners, particularly amorous rainy season in the South and particularly warm sunshine has brought him
Two common hopes. That was 80 the first spring and summer events. They have just changed to the South, sharing
In the compound of a shed. Cabin has two beds, two desks,cheap beats by dr dre china, bed set, two tables back,
They both like the pattern, even on the hut has been obsessed with a man. Gu Chuanli calls outstanding
Man would have caught up,cheap beats by dr dre china. Then some intellectual ferment and desperate people in the South have begun to seek his fortune
Road, rich class words instead of the revolutionary class of rapidly increasing vocabulary of word usage,cheap beats by dr dre china, money and borrowed
The outside world, on the one hand warm talks about the drastic changes in the world's heart. Gu Chuanli generation in China
Trendy appliances overnight into some kind of symbol of the elite. He and Gu Chuanli in a cabin on the one hand a good dRelated Articles:
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