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.5 hours let I according to he by make of fist law fight, Hou 1.5 hours is lost to I a to reveals a sum Leng Hanmang,buy real dr dre beats cheap, Blade as cicada of dagger, let I practice how using dagger and learning assassination of operation.
  After supper, Qin Jianjun took me to the lobby to sit down, start making me a thief tricks, such as unlocked, tips and how to avoid the guards and so on.
  Dinner and two female chef in person, get a 2 and 6 vegetable soup. I am tired all afternoon, hungry bear that with a gourmet,buy real dr dre beats cheap, appetites, of course,buy real dr dre beats cheap, eat special food,buy real dr dre beats cheap, eating constantly praised the two women Cook, two women I gotta listen to praise, were grinning Hello I feed it more carefully.
  17th chapter internship
  I nodded and felt a Qin Jianjun told me that in these two days, this sentence makes sense, as everyone knows, because Qin Jianjun this passage, changed my Outlook on life and the world, but decided my future path.
  The next 7 days, I repeated the daily life on the first day.
  Wake began meditating and practicing physical, arrived this afternoon to learn fighting skills and the art of the assassination, skills such as learning tricks unlocked after supper, before going to sleep the last two women, with the reason Dan Long Yu feng, unusually hard every single day.
  School classes begin as early as two days ago, but in order to train, rain helped me was taking a week off, Liu Chang in order to accompany me, then took a week off.
  I didn't go back to my dorm, in fact, I think back to the two women disagree.
  Hard boil 7 days, Dan Long Yu feng-small, is actual in down to practice, I was finally able to get the fire out of the chest for a week. Two women also like me, was oppressive.
  That night,buy real dr dre beats cheap, the two women having sex with I serves him right, almost touched, they burst the enthusiasm of the vertex, even shy shy Liu Chang behind, trRelated Articles:
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