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  Until now, the miracle retained.
  I think she said it so well.
  But vine vines do not feel bad in any way, queued like her first name, likes to wear fluffy skirt with Ruffles, likes to mention the skirts in a circle,buy cheap beats by dre studio, like pestering me to buy some weird card, over the head is. To be a parents meeting, she even asked me:
  MOM, why are you painting lipstick on, mother of students in our class were painted lipstick,buy cheap beats by dre studio, you, never painted, or wear nice clothes, you say you like rural women.
  Although I am a mother, the kid has always had an objective judgement on my own, I do not think vine vines was a lovely child. I sometimes look at her paper, she looked nothing like me, her face completely with Zhu Yiming, small nose and small eyes little mouth, jaw shrinkage, it seems my uterus was too small and did not give her enough room to grow. Why can't she just like me a little more? When we were courting, Zhu Yiming smiling once told me, I go to their school, students yell at him and calling him: Mr Zhu,buy cheap beats by dre studio, opposite of you. They refer to the opposite looks.
  She asked me, when Dad would come back? He agreed to give me a stick kites, their kites are already flying.
  MOM's face was her face. I think of my own schooldays, that what she'd ever left behind the madness,buy cheap beats by dre studio, I nodded promised her that, after work to buy lipsticks, buy new clothes, and of course, to buy her. Happy, active said, MOM, I was reciting a Tang Dynasty poem for you tonight.
  I shook his head. She also did not know, we have separated, she just knows, Dad went to another middle school, sometimes staying in school.
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