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  When we were in communication with children constantly derogatory information children usually does not have any effect there. Because the derogatory information create an adverse impact on a child's self-worth. A child being called stupid all day long! Ah! A bad guy! As time went by, I think the kids are difficult or stupid.
  Child's self-confidence by their parents the wrong information,buy cheap beats by dr dre online, bit by bit, trampled, children cannot direction towards healthy and full development of their personality. Because he lacks a self-esteem, self-worth, and smug arrogance.
Information I obtained impressive results
  During the process of communication,buy cheap beats by dr dre online, often I get unexpected results. One mother in parenting education class to do this sharing:
  Due to childhood form will continue into adulthood develop self-worth, then planted by the lack of confidence will lead to personal life since childhood mental disorders. (Shen Jinhui)
  Once I returned home, to see her son lying on the floor reading a comic book. I don't know how many times to use traditional methods to correct this kind of action, including:
  Threats and intimidation: "If you lie on the floor to read again,buy cheap beats by dr dre online, I'll take your comic"
  Advice: "get down on the ground reading, how old must wear glasses?"
  But the effectiveness of these methods is only a temporary change in children's behavior, not long before children and practiced.
  This week, learn has "I of information", dang I stepped into House Shi, and saw this a scene scene, so I inspired, immediately mild to on with son said: "children, I very worried you lying in ground see comics, because posture does not, and light enough,buy cheap beats by dr dre online, may caused vision deteriorated, we home currently eyes vision best of people is you,buy cheap beats by dr dre online, so MOM hopes you has a doubleRelated Articles:
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