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Had tons of friends,buy beats by dre warranty, would often come back with some wacky in the girls, but never let anyone live
 "Do you really? That's why master's as good as you, let you for three Lady's room? He used to be
 "Why?" "This time round China Pan-curious.
Two feelings, are brothers and sisters of the best I've ever seen. "Fong said she said, I can't help but laugh
 "Since master and miss three feelings the best. You don't know how good master to miss three, he
Come. "Three MS, not prior to going abroad, master will come back to be with her every day to eat Yes. Three Miss body
 "Yes miss three, because her greatest wish was to go to foreign countries to study design. You see,buy beats by dre warranty, we don't
Villa, draw it all according to miss three out. "Fang suddenly sighed she finished,
With great sadness the lower eye. "Unfortunately, Wow, three miss is that the body is too poor. Doctors said before,
If only miss three could have lived 17 years, and he is very good...... "she suddenly woke up, forced to Palm
They slap. "Bah Bah Bah! What do I wrong? Miss three to Japan, where the air is good,
 "Fang woman, you don't think about that. Japan where the air is good, clean water than we here a lot.
 "God bless you, and God bless you! If you really miss the panpan jinyan, that would be great! "Fang
She finally smiled, turned the dough again.
 Hua Pan digestive Fong everything she said, more and more curious about ... ...
 The complicated family relations,buy beats by dre warranty, not the ordinary people can imagine. But what does this have to do with her about
Then,buy beats by dre warranty?
-She can no longer stay here,buy beats by dre warranty.
 Hua Pan sigh a breath, in my heart made a decision tonight will have to get Mo Ying was also a soul-
 Out of the kitchen, Hua Pan came to the garden, while soul Mo Ying and Li Yongwei has disappeared from sight on the balcony.
Her thought-provoking look at the balcony, a little curious, they ask of love hate relationship with ... ...
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