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"Tiger the lion issue took place, even if you're a tiger lion I was a rat, and I can clean up the balls. Just this place from time to time, which is the home of Zhuang Dexiang, always gave him a face it! If he came back, I found him cheating on his wife, how can he stand it? Delicate and gas not gone? I therefore considered from the perspective of men, I had better evacuate. I am with you no matter what happens, don't go to contaminate his bed ... ... "Hou Dao immediately goes on and he made a long way, and spoke his mind and man's bottom line.
"Hey, what are you talking, today! I'm telling you, Ah, wealthier people, they dressed more decently, but had the more sordid. I told you,buy beats by dre warranty, Ah, QQ chat on a foreign enterprises female white-collar workers this morning, surprisingly speculative. Not only did she show me pictures of b, also agreed with me......, "said Hou Dao said, remembered the morning about Internet access at home, excitement, forget speaking, not its tone and said it flat-out.
"Ah, Ah! "While playing in pain Hou Dao on them before, but he still pretended to whip him, called out to hurt.
"Ah!"? You Casanova,buy beats by dre warranty, men, the philanderer...... "Yin Rou was could not help but jealous, pick up the couch cushions no head bounced toward Hou Dao was called.
"You told me! You told me! "Yin Rou while they called Marquis island.
Hou Dao she tired of endless, suddenly holding Yin Rou, took her seat in the hands of children,buy beats by dre warranty, and said to her: "you could forget it? Zhuang Dexiang encountered back down? Really, I can't come to your House ... ... "
"You lecher, what else can't! "Yin Rou Hou Dao said, also grabbed a cushion when the island.
"No, no, no ... ..." Hou Dao hastily replied. At this point he realized that just say not to say a Word.
"What is not? Driven by passion for people like you,buy beats by dre warranty, there is not? "Said Yin Rou with hand pinching when the island.
"Well!" "Yin Rou and didn't speak up out of Hou Dao,buy beats by dre warranty, Zhuang Dexiang calls picked up the phone.
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