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. But the man of love, but miss son una Miss Zhao, left alone to cry tears every day. Sign agreement for less than six months, Miss Zhao really can not stand missing his son's pain of the heart, to call for her to visit her son. And leaves a time provided for in an agreement for the denial of birth mother visits sons.
  After a number of ideological conflict, also decided to drop everything,best buy extended warranty beats by dre, fighting to recover his own flesh and blood.
  His: through legal means to recover his son
  However, the family is, after all, cannot be measured with money, a mother's always larger than life great, many mothers prefer to sacrifice himself, but also willing to nurturing their own children. It is not proven fact. Miss Zhao,best buy extended warranty beats by dre, too. Especially at a time when she thought the child, she said, the kind of pain that is missing, just like a heart being held at knife, 1.1 points from scratch at night until the morning, bleeding and feeling really nasty. Since getting the 100,000 yuan to the present,best buy extended warranty beats by dre, she says every day life to regret and pain.
  On June 13, 2004, Miss Zhao for their son back to things, made a special trip to Dongguan, dalang town. Meet a she works at a coffee shop. Two people did not sit down, Miss Zhao began to ask the son back to, and offered to return 100,000 yuan.
  In the coffee house, a few recent photographs show it to her children. She sees a cute and lively sons, beads of tears like now, all the time. Watch plump son, Miss Zhao was unable to control his emotions. She feels no children around, she could not live any more.
  Miss Zhao despite the poor meal without meal, and is willing to consider the views of promised a: their son back to, back to 100,000 yuan and prior to the child's living expenses. But back home, call Miss Zhao leaves a wife,best buy extended warranty beats by dre, "she threatened, you are returned to the 500,000 yuan, we don't want to give you my children. "Said Miss Zhao's wife had told hiRelated Articles:
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