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  For five hours, I may be too busy and didn't join Wang Jingrong spoke a Word, and he, like deliberately forgot I existed, and that strange feeling,beats by dre youtube, as if she will be familiar with before we all tacitly forget ... ...
  A movie this evening,beats by dre youtube, Wang Jingrong's mother asked him to hurry home, planet finance Prince and Shi Hao as moods makes a bit stiff, I Shi Hao said, we have thus dissolve it! But he still insisted on sending planet finance your home, planet finance you pinch my hand and motioned to me waiting for her call.
  The rest of the summer, the four of us were always go out together, we usually watch a movie or a cup of coffee with memories as a child in the same class for two years, irrelevant things that happened, scrambling to talk the freshmen look forward, tied as orientation activities, mentorship and sister ... ... , And so on. I and peijun, Shi Hao and Wang Jingrong, the two good friends like cleverly avoided talking about a certain topic that we quadruple formed a delicate atmosphere.
  "Peony June Oh! "Mouthful of jelly in your mouth, I pick up my vague answer.
  "It's me, what are you eating? "Is Wang Jingrong!
  I hasten to mouth spit everything back in the bowl.
  A people cannot see through bottles,beats by dre youtube, and argue a point to death bite the lionesses,beats by dre youtube, bottles of composure often provoked a lion wandering at the edge of madness. Young couple high frequencies of the cold war, often made me feel like the audience is forced to watch: while we went to school, but often, Wang Jingrong and I have only just set aside the financial. Really better go home earlier to eat mung bean soup,beats by dre youtube, blowing air conditioner is good!
  "Hey, sorry! Is eating mung bean soup ... ... I thought it was planet Finance-June, she said she wanted to give me a call! "I heard his faint laughter.
  "I could get reunion photos! "His talk of a turn, poured me confused.
  "Uh huh? "Wang Jingrong asked a very straRelated Articles:
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