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. Girl despite family objections, often went to see actor's eyes, but the guards would not let her in. She says nice things, the guard said, you slept with me for one night,beats by dre xbox, and I'll let you in. Girl says Yes, just to see him. Although he never knew a girl loved him too.
  So that the girls often go to see the actor, sometimes just look at him sometimes give him one or two eggs. Later, people in the village knew the girl slept with guard,beats by dre xbox, behind her in the most foul language. Girl's family locked her in the House, hired a matchmaker to find her a deeper in the mountains of her in-laws, soon to marry her in the past.
  Married the day before the girls sneak out to a neighboring village looked at the man who had been detained, gone without saying anything.
  He drove into the mountains, and all over the about the girl's whereabouts, but no one knows. One day, he drove his car on a mountain road, the wheel is a small pit, how he forced him to stir. Then he saw an old woman, ragged hair dishevelled, carrying a large bundle of firewood, backs are bent. He asked the old woman to help, to put the car out. He once again about the girl's whereabouts, she simply shook her head away.
  10 years have passed, that actor vindicated back after theater, spent two years as head of the, but he thinks is boring. When he learned of the girl's that year, to tears. So he resigned, with the replacement of all of the money to buy a used Jeep,beats by dre xbox, he vowed to find her.
  He once again on the road. After hearing people say, the woman who helped him cart the other day was the girl he was looking for that year. Because mountains are extremely bitter,beats by dre xbox, her husband, was born with a disability, shoulder can't pick hand can't be talked about her two children are congenital deficiency, the whole family's life by her alone,beats by dre xbox, persons under 30 years of age as 50 years old.
  He finally found her home was in a stone house oRelated Articles:
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