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He'll hand salute, commanders took in the Palm of your hand,beats by dre wireless white review, gently shook down.
"The Commander does not. "He said with emotion.
Jiao Tong wet light was flashing in her eyes.
General staff officers came in third.
Visitors left the Commander back to the desk and stood in silence for a long time. Later, he did not wear glasses, opened the drawer and took out another letter. Envelope and letter-writing is the same. He read it through, face took on the pain and the expression is considering.
"Okay, you go, I go. "The old man a little wearily, said.
"Yes,beats by dre wireless white review, it is Oriental Jade's daughter. "He murmured, eyes moist.
Generals after the picture down into the Wicker Chair sitting behind the desk, still intact. At his age, either pain or pleasure, others are not easy to see it in his face.
Commanders Office lights late at night. General final copies of official documents have been processed, and photo of the girl that was removed from the drawer. He long identified with, not in some distant memory to support the girl in the photograph, on the contrary, from photos to remember this beautiful girl of 19 years he has not forgotten men and another woman.
Commander: Coke here, Shi lianzhi's letter came also, his own morning to l city base, leadership that was a collective of 4,809,beats by dre wireless white review, Oriental jade, his friends and teachers, encouraging him and competitors also rose back in his life.
Daughter of the East, this girl called snow, where is she?!
…… Jiang Bai was not asleep one night prior to departure is secure. Always thought yourself completely relax after breaking up with Rhine, did not expect to leave Villa seamount, heartbreaking agony is just beginning.
Sea Breeze sweeps strongly y city, had issued thousands of leaves of vibration of vigorous hiss. Following lying in bed,beats by dre wireless white review, staring,beats by dre wireless white review, motionless, he realized that his own inner impulses.
He did and the Rhine hands? Since then, they will be strangers. He doesn't belong to her, she does Related Articles:
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