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 "It doesn't matter, go upstairs and read it! "She said she was in a hurry to go out, never looking at her eye,
 Small sigh, sat down on the sofa, could not help but a little bit sad.
 Do not know, do not want to understand, and perhaps all of her life, she was unable to understand their esoteric concept of complex emotions and
Not her words to heart.
Outlook on life.
 She looked up and rain on her side, pale purple shadow has not completely faded. "The rain? How do you
To him!
 Rain gently patted her head: "do not understand anything, silly! "She smiled a soft:" you can
 As long as we get the true love of humanity, can become a real person, and you like him so,beats by dre wireless vs wired, of course,
Let him stay! "Little house on the cheek when I hung up, eyes down shyly:" I don't have the
Tried it,beats by dre wireless vs wired, he refuses,beats by dre wireless vs wired, he hated this place, always wanted to go back, I couldn't push him back in a place he hates.
 "You sort of don't listen to him! He doesn't hate it here, but timid, afraid to ask if you like him, he
 "What about you? Not like you knew Du Xin was timid,beats by dre wireless vs wired, fear too much, why don't you
To criticize him? Give him a black eye, he called wake up! "Small house some light angrily shouting:" you so that you do not
 She remained silent for a moment, and slowly, gently, sighing: "Unlike, du Xin he is an adult, he understands
Fall in love with me, he has to pay a considerable price, that is, what he does not want to, it's his heart told me,
Yourself what he did not want to take on too much emotion and my feelings for him are too heavy a load,
 She shrugs,beats by dre wireless vs wired, smiles have endless pain: "it is impossible to escape the fate of, I will accept it. Just
I will hear you and your aunt says, thank you for doing this! But she was right, even if they don't
 "Rain ... ..."
 "Don't be sad! "She gently shook his head:" I don't regret it at all! It's true! Because it is my own
The destiny you choose; but you're different dash, you can have a future! Promise me! DoRelated Articles:
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