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. France is, of course, from the British Isles to the continent's first stop, but then I took the opposite route. Qin Qi was the first tour in southern Europe,beats by dre wireless vs studio, Spain, and Italy, and Greece,beats by dre wireless vs studio, and upper reaches of the North Western Europe, including Austria, and Germany, as well as Dutch, ratio, Lou. My first tour to Western Europe and then to Europe, because Qin Qi said Italy thieves, and I was lacking experience plans to start a "safe" place to start, after some experience with Italy thieves wits, so unfortunately suffered a loss, it wouldn't take many trips.
  I bought a InterailPass, basically take the train all the way from one place to another. But I'm not staying at youth hostels, three meals a day, as recommended in the book shops for its cuisine, and served free to call home.
  Later proved, I first visited Italy, I'm afraid the rest of the tour has had to give up. But this is not due to the thief, but because of Joe. But then again the and tour Europe before, maybe I would never have met Joe, that my life would be very different. Maybe this is fate.
  I'm from Switzerland into Italy, went directly to Pisa, and then all along visited Florence,beats by dre wireless vs studio, Rome, Vatican,beats by dre wireless vs studio, Florence, Pompeii.
  From scenery to clear vast world of Switzerland into Italy Hou, increasingly crowded inside the compartment, I'm nervous, listen for packets that close from time to time whether the backpack and the luggage rack and secure. But in terms of my personal experience, in addition to Florence and Rome, does the need to intensify prevention, Italy people in other places are very simple and friendly, some even enthusiasm we used subtle Oriental is struggling to cope.
  After the memory of the once thriving city,beats by dre wireless vs studio, the station slowly I go, plans tomorrow to go to France southern, but I always felt left out. Suddenly, I remembered I did not go to Venice!
  Pompeii is just such a sunny, geoRelated Articles:
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