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  "The last time, her mother asked me out negotiations, meaning that can help me transfer, however, Yan Zhang and I broke up, and force me to leave s......"
  "So much, but I know MOM have powerful backing of Yan Zhang ... "Zeng Zimo says.
  "Well, girls, rock would be nice ... ..."
  "Actually I'm more and more confidence, if I dropped out, I and Yan Zhang,beats by dre wireless on ps3, ... ... Hi! "I sighed.
  Zeng Zimo and I talked for more than an hour, considering that she still have class tomorrow, I urge her to go back to rest.
  As one wanted by the Ministry of public security, have been fleeing out,beats by dre wireless on ps3, falling into the network of corrupt officials said in the end, "when officers handcuffed me at that moment, I was relaxed," I think school early notification, I'd sooner be peace of mind,beats by dre wireless on ps3, I now have not received notification of disposition and fidgeting.
  By noon time, got a call from brother. Brother in parentheses and asked me how much the Festival got lucky money, rose asked if I was eating and drinking lead to weight gain.
  A long time only timid brother asked me what happened.
  As she spoke, saying, brother seemed a little choked.
  I jump, "don't, don't,beats by dre wireless on ps3, what a grown man cry cry, I haven't cried yet! Okay, I've figured out, drop out, retakes once this year ... ... "
  Brother was silent for a moment, and said: "a child prodigy, started this is because Cao m, letting you to anti-blame, I really don't know what to say to thank you ... ..."
  I turned and looked around, didn't know when, and my mom walked up behind me. I said clutching his phone,
  "I had a classmate, college entrance examination failures get a poorer school, dropped out of school to retake," I hasten to explain it to my mom.
  "Hey, kids, don't know if attacking a college student, then it's not easy, school is just fine, don't be fussy! "My mom says that.
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