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  Big fish saw Zhang Haotian lying in bed, that serious look pretty much alike, don't think "titter" a laugh out loud.
  "Did I lie to you? "The big fish, some angry, tone has changed. She had nothing,beats by dre wireless module, only wearing a towel, breasts in the towel following a fibrillation fibrillation, as if that place is mad at himself.
  This sentence, accidentally hurt Zhang Haotian most weak, his face a little bit change the color from yellow to white, and gradually became a horrible green. He remained silent,beats by dre wireless module, her face continued bleak. He was out of bed "miso" sit up, hands get scratched by the bed, get a shirt. He did not see the big fish eye,beats by dre wireless module, but sputtered to wear that shirt,beats by dre wireless module, but as worried as possible errors, the more he wanted to hurry up and get that dress upper body, sleeves are in no way reach will not go on.
  Part II fight (2)
  Fish reached over and snatched the shirt.
  He is still green in the face and ignore her.
  Big fish know Zhang Hao-day weakness,beats by dre wireless module,--she take off the towel, drilled to Zhang Hao, Hao Zhang feels cold in my chest, she put her face to go, with his lips by cupping it. Zhang Hao first started thinking: "you do it the same way in the afternoon, right? With the real estate business man. "But that he did not say, at a time like this, he didn't want to find uncomfortable with myself. He lay there motionless, enjoying the gentle touch from big fish.
  She is gentle, and every corner has touched her, her fingers soft and slippery, feels what it's like to be pleasurable. Zhang Hao tensing muscles began to relax, he's been annoying, not posturing, he made a gesture to big fish. Big fish did not understand what he wants to do.
  "Huh? "Big fish said.
  Part III to escape his mother's shadow (1)
  Big fish to find it a new experience, yelled at her to yell, and completely lost its looks. She shouted his name, called ripping. Zhang Hao secretly opened his eyes from the folRelated Articles:
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