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. Her Hikonari anger, a forced smileabout says:
  "Do you not stick together with someone else? I wait for you and others to help me! "
  "You've been doing sorry one thing, fear this! Now don't you go, sort of piss on my face? Anyway, I heart you all wastes that threw away my face, will you still care--or said anything worthy, I'm sorry! "
  Hikonari heart ache,beats by dre wireless mini speakers, deeply distressed, a moment's silence, he said: "I'm sorry for you. "
  Lilin now immediately go out and visit, not a theory. What is more their thing, not a few words say it out. Speak it well, Hikonari over again he backed. A glimpse of Hikonari eyes on her, changed and says: "you don't have to change clothes, just as usual. "
  Hikonari he saw lilin tote bag stuffed with a nice box of chocolates, be surprised he said: "why do this? "
  "His family has a daughter, sent her. You dare come back empty-handed to my house? "
  Hikonari obediently followed out lilin. In Yao Mi on his heart,beats by dre wireless mini speakers, thinking they were in deep conversation.
Part II as they wash clothes
The 18th Chapter
  Yan hui came back for a few days. Luo Hou has been waiting for a long time, he'll talk to him. Called into action, Luo Hou can't talk to Xu Yancheng, simply talk to Yao Mi was still appropriate.
  Yu Nan's new regulations, every Monday afternoon, his team and the Soviet Union, a group assembled in his house--in other words, Shanbao and Jiang Min is going to his house, because Jiang Shi Nina and rolling countryside to participate in land reform. Yao Mi and Luo Hou left only two people in the Office.
  Luo Hou, his words how do you start it? He did not know where to start, feeling that feeling, so sigh says:
  Yao Mi was surprised to look up said, "yo,beats by dre wireless mini speakers, when did you become pessimistic about? "
  "Yao Mi, I think our world is hopeless. "
  "Can't optimistic! "
  "What's wrong? You optimist, didn't you? "
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