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. Also, we made a deal when advertising in television, who can help me to get mothers back, there will be 5,000 yuan payment. Now you're helping me bring my mother back, but also saved my mother's life, this is not a 5,000 dollars be repaid. But my financial situation does not allow me to give you more money, in fact, is give you $ 500.1 million is not much. You don't know, mother,beats by dre wireless manual, how important it is for me.
  Ai Ju was saying, just because you don't have that kind of money, I don't want your money. If you have millions of, I would also like to order some more. Besides, your mother we all find it? At that time, on TV, I just wrote down the fee of 5,000 yuan. I was not asked if you had any tolerance for this, mostly me desperate to see you mother, I thought, people today for mothers feelings so deep people is running out. If someone else is found, then the money should I,beats by dre wireless manual, really, if it was anyone else find it, I wouldn't have let you out of the money.
  Shen Yiping was touched, she burst into tears in her eyes,beats by dre wireless manual, rolled. Ai Ju is a thrill, he reached down and kissed Shen Yiping.
  Both were silent, who did not speak.
  Shen Yiping gave him a glance and nothing happens.
  Ai Ju told a thing of the past, he said, while I was in the police station as the Director, but I have learned of the Chinese Department at the University for four years, to the Office of the Public Security Bureau to serve for years as a Secretary, then come here as a Director. In essence, I should be regarded as a man of letters.
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  Shen Yiping said, I am certainly does not leave her mother. Sometimes want to divorce, but ask about the Court, like me, this is also very complex. I heard felt tired, anyway, I'm in no hurry to get married, when Sun Jiapu found me first.
  For a while, two men appeared to be speechless. Ai Ju are slowly stretched hands,beats by dre wireless manual, grabs Shen Yiping's hand. Shen Yiping hand,beats by dre wireless manual, sometRelated Articles:
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