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Of people,beats by dre wireless kulakl?k.
 She stood in front of the restrooms inside looking, hesitating if I should go in there?
 She must have a lot of letters in the mail,beats by dre wireless kulakl?k, right? Meng wrote a lot of letters to her? Or her mail
Empty, nothing inside?
 MSN is still not displaying the list of online friends online?
 Did she really want to know? She had the courage to know?
 Snow drift over her shoulders, she seems to have been standing here until he was buried in snow into a small
Yeti – bakery aromas wafted in the distance, she discovered that she did not know how long has never tasted
Stuff,beats by dre wireless kulakl?k.
 She quickly turned and left network coffee shop, guts are far behind ... ...
 Bakery behind the train railway, slow train to daily frequencies idly wandered into several small
 After you buy the bread,beats by dre wireless kulakl?k, as she sat on the railway side and slowly eating the freshly baked bread, under the snow.
Watch slow train, as if waiting for something ...
 She knew no one would take the slow train to find a sign of her, but she sat day after day in the
 Internet cafe on the other side out of a young man who looked Haggard. He checks his mail, check
Checked the website's message board and sent several letters may continue to drain.
Still did not give up hope.
 He's really tired, very tired, walked a long way! Travel funds are about to run out of the body, and he
She was Fu Qian, but he cannot give up ... ...
 He doesn't know when to find, much less know where in front of a snow scene will appear
 He had entered the bakery and bought some freshly-baked bread and fill their empty stomachs.
 "Oh ... ... If someone like him doing this to me, they were willing to die ... ... "
 A snowy picture on the screen, write words on snow: leaflets,beats by dre wireless kulakl?k, please come back to me.
 Point into the Web site, there is only one simple message board information bulletin, a few message above says,
 If you know the lobules, told her: Mr Meng was looking for heRelated Articles:
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