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. Experience the pain of failure, to really experience the joy of success; only after a failed test,beats by dre wireless headband replacement, and have the maturity of a man. Only learn from the mistakes, and to mature.
United States this'll be a professor from Cornell University have done such an experiment: put a couple of bees in a flat on the bottle, the bottom of the bottle toward the light side, mouth wide open. The whole bees in the light constantly flying constantly hit it against the wall of the bottle. When they finally understand that they will never fly when it is not out of the bottom of the bottle, do not want to waste any more energy, they stopped at the bright side of dying.
Marcia Whicker pour out the bees, as is the bottle away, then put into the flies. Less than a few minutes, all the flies flew out. The reason is simple, the flies were not flying in a fixed direction, they will attempt, up, down,beats by dre wireless headband replacement, phototropic, backlight, one party does not pass immediately to change direction, although unavoidably repeatedly rebuffed, but they end up in a bottle flying out. Them with their tireless effort to change your own destiny.
So this'll be a Professor summed up a view: rampage rather than sitting around waiting is much more sophisticated. No secret to success, was attempted in the action, change, changes, and then try again ... ... Until you are successful. Some people are successful, because he suffer defeat than the errors we made, and more.
Invention of the eraser,beats by dre wireless headband replacement, correction fluid is for what? Is get after you accidentally make a mistake,beats by dre wireless headband replacement, there is a chance to start over.
Make mistakes and then trying to cover up is natural and everyone inevitably have this mentality, but do not always use "Buck is the weakness of human nature" as an excuse Catholic themselves.
Some people do not know this truth,beats by dre wireless headband replacement, especially those people who likes to complain, always thought he was perfect, thousand million others are wrong wrong wrong. So dang work Shang appeared some errors of when, they on only will bliRelated Articles:
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