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He was surprised, didn't think they had the secrets hiding, never thought she was out in front of him her secret. He comforted her and issued a heartfelt sigh. In his eyes, she is living a rich life,beats by dre wireless for sale, a Lady of high social status, where would those "reasons"? What I didn't realize she is so badly in need of companion?
Yin Rou that he seriously listened to her speech, very excited and asked him to stay with her drink bottles. His stomach had got bulging, it could not continue to drink, would dismiss that says you can't drink.
There wasn't anything, men fear most women say he can't do it. While drinking, but he didn't want a woman to look down on, especially his favorite mistress looked down upon.
Thus, he daringly had a few bottles. When he was sick, would sneak into the bathroom to throw up. He was a photo in the mirror, and finds his face turned red, Scarlet Scarlet like a monkey's ass. Wine pine understand Hou Dao knew his wine drunk,beats by dre wireless for sale, if it were a little cold water, wiping his face, so that the wine can wake up as soon as possible, so that he may feel better.
After returning to the Yi Xiang Pavilion, Yin Rou saw his face glowing red face, I could not help laughing. Maybe she drank a bit high! She said he blushed as red as Monkey's butt so vulgar.
Hearing her talk like that,beats by dre wireless for sale, xixi, he replied: "alcohol linked to it! I wanted the girl think of crazy excitement due to drinking, beauties walk, no drunk white drunk ... ... "
She looked at him and scolded him saying: "everyone says to be kind. Dears you this island was not honest, usually pretending to be a gentleman, and actually got something ... ... "
He deliberately distorted her words: "Belle said Dears sex Island, my Hou Dao was really honest,beats by dre wireless for sale, I was acting like chemistry (Zhuang Dexiang) not a gentleman, not only has a great Fund to something, there is a real scholar......"
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