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. A pair of eyes behind your hair in despair was trembling, carrying a heartbreaking cry.
銆�銆�Me, MA shuiqing,beats by dre wireless features, Xie baisan,beats by dre wireless features, Yao San marine said, "we didn't see anything.
銆�銆�I cried, quickly pulled him up. But he refuses, firmly on his knees in the mud.
銆�銆�We're not going to tell anyone. "Four-play hard to pull him up. Then, we no longer look back, hurried to the East of the river walk.
銆�銆�The sixth section
銆�銆�The next day, still raining. By this cover of rain, farmers and passing vessels in the vicinity, loot-one of the rafts. Rain,beats by dre wireless features, silhouette Hitomi irresolute, hastily and hooting. Wood,beats by dre wireless features, and some was carried to the fields of barley, and some was carried to a family in the Woods behind the House, and some was tied up next to the boat with the boat away ... ... Not long,-out of the River on a raft has disappeared completely.
銆�銆�Great, but there's no reason to punish those who have no reason to arrest. Public Security Bureau who was vexed.
銆�銆�Police routinely take the good old-fashioned way: suddenly a single interrogation.
銆�銆�Encroach upon a raft, the circumstances were serious, Hu La La County Public Security Bureau, almost without a nest-side town of Yau Ma Tei. Wood soon seized back most of it. But everyone refused to recognize their actions as "looting a raft": "wood floating on the River, some have drifted into my house on the pier, I fished,beats by dre wireless features, how can you call it looting? "I see the wood bleach to reeds the way to carry it back home. 鈥濃�︹�� In short, they did not rob the raft, but out of wood. Among them was also observed: "I fished a few roots, flowing along them early, you probably even a few not found! "That way, if you want the presence of the head of the Public Security Bureau dedicated to thank him.
銆�銆�A few of us were worked out earlier: no secret went to the side of the great river, but insist there was nothing to see. So, witRelated Articles:
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