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銆�銆�No one expected to get "it" should be a man!
銆�銆�Legend has it that there are three key "key" would be left in the generation of the end of this one. Three keys are called "day",beats by dre wireless dock, "month", "the stars '. They always thought it must be representative of something, because three of those drawn to the family imprint.
銆�銆�He caught the morning Sun Palm watch, and saw not being a "day" for generations to come.
銆�銆�"In the big? "He asked.
銆�銆�The word.
銆�銆�"You have a hunch that, right? "Han Xuan did not adhere to the principle of not easily physically touch with outsiders, firmly grasp the hands of the Sun-without realizing it, just wanted to ask her questions.
銆�銆�"He still can't play ' day ' function,beats by dre wireless dock, so mark came out. "The big chest tubes in the Crystal pendant on the Palm of a rising sun,beats by dre wireless dock, aided by daylight through the purple white after the diagram, projecting on the Palm is a totem of the flames, a closer look, Centre of the Totem is represented by hieroglyphics" day "
銆�銆�"No, I did not know it was him. Yiqian ' it ' just told me that was a big boost for us,beats by dre wireless dock, working with him, Gabriel no harm. Get him to lose something. "To loiter, worried. "Unfortunately, he cannot play. Best now can protect themselves, they can't make use of force ... ... "
銆�銆�"I ... ... Don't know, ' ' didn't tell me.
銆�銆�In fact is quite annoying is one thing you eyes of the Crystal pendant, ignore it.
銆�銆�"What inspired his function? "Yesterday, he could see very clearly that all strange flames can hurt mortals, can also hurt a demon, and is hurt Sun nickels. What it is to be an be sure to unlock the riddles? If the Sun has become a tool handle choke, then he'll have to quickly find the play tool key points, opponents such as enemy will not, after all, prepared ready to storm.
銆�銆�Unfortunately,beats by dre wireless dock, this is still a dream. Cannot just dump people end up being Sun-sea thundered on, and it fell into the two-seat sofa with him.
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