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  Director of logistics, said: "I agree with the head of the analysis, Tao Yi is very passionate about the army, and he should say he's trying to say. Probably just inside the camp at one of the corners. "Here he is, suddenly remembered something like," Oh yeah, and you wait, I'll take a trip "he finished the sentence ran out.
  "The go! We look at. "The commissar and the head of the almost simultaneously gave a loud shout, everyone got up and rushed out of the Conference
  Jiang Tao Yi spent half way, suddenly jumped on Tao Yi, embracing crying, her crying stems
  Room. Comes to the camp to the North that has already spent a secluded corner of the vegetable cellar, see Tao Yi, he lay there,beats by dre wireless deutschland, is indeed have wilted,beats by dre wireless deutschland, did not eat for three days, will not fade it? Several people had to carry him out, and sent back to the Guest House, and decides to call the clinic doctor,beats by dre wireless deutschland, check there is no big problem, just hungry extreme physical weakness.
  Political Commissar and go to Jianghua, head of comfort: "River flowers don't feel bad, people have found, no
  Crying and told: "Tao Ge! How do you want it? Three of you heart to leave my son alone, die alone? If you died, and three of us do yo?! "Two kids to see their dad that way, he saw his mother sobbed, neither crying nor shout:" Daddy! Dad! "There was no indifference for sad. There was crying, head of yelling, "bring water! Let him drink it slowly, and then slowly make him something to eat. "Somehow the monitor hastened to get food and water, slowly feeding water and something to eat.
  Police comrades who have not spoken, at this time, also to the leaders of the group said: "you go first,
  Head of Tao Yi said: "Tao Yi, a good rest, and other problems, then said slowly. "Mission
  Public Security Bureau comrades nodded "OK,beats by dre wireless deutschland. "Group leaders go. Section III
  Tao Yi slowly returned to theRelated Articles:
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