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. I don't know if child or sending them to cold water springs are sent to you in the South of the city?
"Dad, I am aspiring children. I will not let you down,beats by dre warranty yahoo, I will be sure to get into college, to learn skills, to serve the people, thanked her parents. Dad, do you trust me? I always first in my class, the second is to fail. I want the best results to the father, waiting for the day when I was admitted into the University I first told you dad.
"Daddy, starting from the day I met you, I could see it, you are the best people on Earth. Although you are a farmer, farmers have what's not to like? do you have talent, you there, you put your own home (my hometown)-cold water springs built the County's first village. You are the greatest person,beats by dre warranty yahoo, you do not believe me, you do not hate me, you gave me love, I was looked down upon by one bitch became the happiest person! dad, I'm good, thank you, Ah!
"Dad, ask a question,beats by dre warranty yahoo, by the way, that I met in the home of the aunt. Was I looking for new MOM? later on I know, she is our County yet! if not, what about dad, how would it be like to? you because of mum? now she divorced,beats by dre warranty yahoo, Dad, do you and MOM remarry? perhaps it is inappropriate for children,beats by dre warranty yahoo, but I was so looking forward to that day!
"(Daddy, and you talk about something, I would like to change my name again, call Keiu,, I don't know if you agree or disagree with that?)
"Daddy, I said above are from the heart, said on the phone is not convenient, I'll write it down. I think I will one day send this letter to you in person. Dad, when did you come back?, Dad, I miss you!
Your son Chen Yu
Hou Meisheng resigned on the unit. Pack came back to cold water springs, and a final farewell to Dong Yusheng.
Dong Yusheng's eyes moistened. This is how smart and how sensible child, he unfortunately died prematurely. He wants the kids take a lifetime of Fame and brought him to help adults, but his desire to hurt.
Dong Yusheng said: "wherRelated Articles:
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