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  This incredible ambivalence, unable to touch, and finally in a night time, so I made an enlightened one person somewhere has experienced ups and downs, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, that place is our homeland. You have a deep attachment to his hometown, is because there is evidence of his life and indelible mark ... ...
  So lonely drift alone will not come on what travel rush is not what suffering perennial Lawton will not come on. The family say, drinking, laughing, and enjoyable. I liked this scene, often makes us fall in five, a drunk. At home, I'm second, but wine is the last bit, drinking less than half will hope,beats by dre warranty help, always throw up bile.
  Have a great reunion dinner, is undoubtedly the wandering mountains back home after a visit the most exciting moments. Crackled firecrackers echoed outside the window, inside the elegant and mellow the rich bouquet, the words flowing wenhanwennuan warm, I liked this scene really intoxicating. At that moment, even if you have lots to talk about hard,beats by dre warranty help, glass filled happiness; at that moment,beats by dre warranty help, even if you have my words tired, smile filled in light of that moment,beats by dre warranty help, even if you have not grieved, flowing warm in the heart.
  In this, my mother always burned with a hot towel compress on my forehead and mouth kept nagging: "look, look, they could not drink up what? "Then, would accuse the other four brothers:" you can get a dozen of miles, Dick could go? "Hearing these words, the brothers always smile knowingly, and still I continued to drink. Mother though is not to complain, but I could feel my mother's heart has always been filled with happy satisfaction. She stopped as they can now summon five sons together, give them party drink, talk of the round table are very proud of it.
  I'm not tired, don't want to sleep, just drank and drank, I thought of myself.
  In fact, loneliness is the lack of communication. Wandering heart "alone in a foreign counRelated Articles:
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