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. The old man's heart could not be an injury break, when they go to the depths of the sunset, there for they should be raised, rather than suddenly to storm.
  "Nope, I smiled. "I waved an end to the fighting,beats by dre vs sony, to leave their homes. My objective was achieved, she believes that I am still a poor man.
  Parents are very satisfied with my explanation from their smiles, I could see that their mind, they didn't raise a son, though the son was wife to overwhelm, but is still promising.
  "Brother, you don't be modest, I know you're out of a lot of books, reveals a man. "I said. Brother-in-law is a university teacher in the Chinese Department, out of the six or seven book about classical literature.
  "Have you been doing? "The mother asks.
  After the watermelon rind removed, his father's face,beats by dre vs sony, I saw a pale blue. I guess he was thinking about their homes. The age and left home really added a lot of melancholy for the elderly.
  "Sloppy, do without one. You and I where's dad? "I asked.
  "You make it good, don't worry about us. Your sister who is looking out for us. "The mother said.
  "MOM,beats by dre vs sony, Dad, I'm trying to find housing, get there early one day move out. "I said. I have applied to the units of housing, and I have difficulty accurately reporting to the heads of units. They expressed sympathy for my condition,beats by dre vs sony, and hope I can understand the difficulties, seek help me with 1 guest bungalow.
  "Originally hoped that you could find a virtuous wife, taking care of MOM and dad instead of me, but you marry a Dragon Lady. You know you had to listen to me,beats by dre vs sony, to end up at this end. "The sister said.
  "He can improvise on the line, we do not expect anyone to take care of. "The father said.
  "Talk about something else, a familyRelated Articles:
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