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. He is not casual skimmer, but there is an older female teacher warned him "girl things a bit more, leave of absence to take care of a little", and he completely according to batch.
Thus, Hou island can be very difficult. Violation of girl in the dormitory discipline, whether it was done is not in place, pipe up in the girls dorm is very inconvenient. When every dormitory, he first heard a sly laugh, then smiled and said, "Please come in", there's like to be teased.
Students get sick, they particularly care about body temperature. They once ill not ten times on body temperature, it was so hard for them. As a teacher, he prepared several thermometers. Because he was worried that the students broke and, secondly, worried that some students get sick,beats by dre vs bose, a thermometer too busy to care about. Especially boys and girls got sick at the same time, impossible to guy when a girl, or girls with boys. These guy's uncle, is gonna offend anyone. Because they are going to come to the principal's lawsuit, said head teachers not caring, or eccentric. A teacher is the students ' thought of not caring or eccentric, if you want to do further work,beats by dre vs bose, it was very difficult.
Somehow grown-ups don't mind kids. "Come in,",beats by dre vs bose, he still went in valiant. However, when women are sick in the girls dormitory can't go in empty-handed,beats by dre vs bose, gotta bring some gifts: little thermometer must not be less.
When Islanders as its name implies,beats by dre vs bose, is a helluva nice guy. Used thermometer because there is only one, and was the most embarrassing moment in front of students.
The other day, Beijing to wind down in the snow. He felt very excited, was pleased when the first snow of 2002, sing it!, students are constantly had to leave him.
At that time he attended lectures, haven't had time to look at them, well the thermometer to leave before a boy, to the classroom. Unexpectedly, had just entered the classroom, there is also a girls day off, he had to approve her quarters to rest first.
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