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. "Chen bang-hua is a worry, the Mayor's autocratic style has emerged.
  Chen bang-hua will then tell him and Chen Rong's talks over, and tells Qi Yuanchao, throughout the campaigns of the two major projects,beats by dre urbeats vs tour, the "solar project" and "Moon plan" was an end to started again after another. But the "solar project" attack links too successful, too much attention, led the retreat aspect is harder, so start taking early "Moon plan", "the Moon plan," to tie in with the whole stock retreat. "The Moon program" is the core of South Sea stock, particularly securities that 5 billion customer margin of South China Sea. Thaw turned down Chen displayed the wrong foot!
  Out of Qi Yuanchao Office, Chen bang-hua would call Wang Xiaoye
  Chen bang-hua is not immediately comment. Chen Rong,beats by dre urbeats vs tour, Wang Xiaoye would now take over? The whole "Moon plan" a lot in advance, Wang Xiaoye are you ready? Even when he took over, and do you want to spend 5 billion bond? Chen bang-Hua was secretly thinking, all this is unknown,beats by dre urbeats vs tour, need to quickly get in touch with Wang Xiaoye.
  "Oh, General Chen, you can talk on the phone, see if I can solve. "In the Sun after electronic Kuangsheng, Wang Xiaoye increasing attention and Chen bang-hua, Qi Yuanchao maintain an appropriate distance.
  "Oh, General Chen and Sun Electronics is a listed company, it operates on the market as a standard, details that you don't have to talk to me now! We have caught put it,beats by dre urbeats vs tour, advocating rule by doing nothing. "Chen bang-Hua to talk, Wang Xiaoye, before he was blocked, he wants nothing to do with electronics in the middle of the Sun getting in too deep.
  "Maybe he has a good reason then? "Wang Xiaoye reminded him.
  Results of tossing and turning is that he reached a Related Articles:
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