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. Aunt Wu Da distressed, however. Smile comforted her daughter hangs:
Wu Tianjiao see mother sorry, quickly took out his own little handkerchief, wiped his eyes for the mother, said softly:
Daughter says. Aunt Wu Da tears and broken beads, Shun cheeks pressing down, her arms around Wu Tianjiao head, said with a chuckle:
"Don't say your business, we cannot have a heart. You and Elm students and what, to say the least for a few years. What's sorry yet? speaks clear words, Elm is who you know. Such a person, let alone when you're a Director. When the magistrate, when Governor I can't underestimate him at all and a half Nickels! go ahead girl, not faltering, huh? " Down, Wu Da aunts, could not help but his eyes moist.
"MOM, good heart, girl, not going out, talking to his son-in-law. Bad daughter? "
"Tian Jiao, my good girl. Sisters inside you, you know MOM's heart. I think he is! hit the back left, never saw him again. Over the years, wind, rain,beats by dre urbeats amazon, water, fire, and I don't know how he ever? someone 40 count it! at that time boys looked that June looks just like the person in the picture. Then you say you object. MOM didn't know how happy? finally God's eyes, we blessed are the Wu family,beats by dre urbeats amazon, so a good son-in-law on...... "
Aunt Wu Da "titter" laughed again, and said, "daughter, good daughter, a good. Pali: my daughter in the village ten good TV stars die (), which also is stronger than my daughter. My daughter looks good and ambitious, in front of Communist Party cadres, mother ever say no? "
"MOM, well not serious, it's Wang selling. "Wu Tianjiao stood up, laughing anger," and said no end, just as advertised,beats by dre urbeats amazon, you sell your daughter? "
"MOM what do you pity?" Wu Tianjiao asked surprised,beats by dre urbeats amazon.
"If only a decade earlier, you and Yu, that was geek, perfect ... ..."
"Are not small. Lively boys, quickly off of that old, good life, wow! "
"The Mayor is not good, we don't want County!" Aunt WuRelated Articles:
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