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  We couldn't hold on it with his hand and repeatedly stroked and saw wood stroked more and more glossy. This is a combination can be broken down bed, the structure is very clever and surprising.
  Our reeds cover ripped off, you might have seen a whole bunch of Red Red Black, glossy glossy wood. Are wood, but seems to contain iron. I squatted down to touching with the hands, feeling they had been soaked in oil for several years, but hand wipe back and forth on it, but do not see oil. We played with her fingers playing that wood, tapping out simple and clear sound.
  I think it's a good idea.
  First we stand – stand by and watch, but can't help but jump up. We walked on it,beats by dre types, like walking on stage. Later, we lay down. This bed is really wide. I lay down in the middle to scroll on the side, roll on the roll only half a day to bed.
  It took us less than an hour, double packed (ceiling and wall panels are omitted). At that time,beats by dre types, 10 o'clock the sun shines down,beats by dre types, this life that I can't see big bed came out shining.
  Surrounded by white reeds, the head is blue and the sky.
  Town passed a "Bang Bang Bang" sound of the Gong. Again,beats by dre types, people don't know what to do?
  "Come on. "I said.
  Full stretch our limbs, lying there, not moving. Then we fell asleep. So we woke up from a distance came the "crash crash" struck Reed's voice. We sat up, that sound has been coming. But the voice is in a pool not far from stopped.
  We got out of bed to move forward. Walk a few steps and I stopped and said to Ma shuiqing: "bed unopened, are too obvious. Cover it with reeds covered "
  Gong sounds in a hurry.
  We walked out of the reeds.
  I turned around and saw a glimpse of that bed, when he tried to be turned around, saw-the Flash-a face in the reeds.
  -The intervals between days,beats by dre types, Ding Huangshi and Ding Yangshi Reed-lined side of lamentation.
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