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. Base near the aravali mountain range is covered by jungle, horizontal, providing an ideal venue for training, the players here in strict anti-terrorist skills training, primarily combat and anti-hijacking training.
  3. Cabinet special forces India Cabinet control, rely on the forces there are 1200 people, divided into two Brigade-Special Operations Group and special operations Brigade.
  Over the past 5 years, national security guards in India around the implementation of some important tasks, such as in 1988, amulizejinmiao took over the "black mine action",beats by dre studio youtube, the troops killed 30 terrorists, but no one casualty. On April 24, 1993, a gangster in Amritsar to take over an India Airlines flight,beats by dre studio youtube, anti-hijack commandos of the national security guards scrambled and ride hijacker shock, to move downward trend of their uniforms.
  Special operations battalion equipped weapons are sea-Keller. Koch Mp-5 firearm,beats by dre studio youtube, AK74 and Mi6 equipped assault rifles, PSGI and SSG200 rugged steeps shot rifles, various electronic devices, waiter/waitress sort of explosives, night-vision goggles, special ladders, bullet-proof vests and special communications equipment and other military equipment.
  The special operations group. Under the jurisdiction of the 52nd and 542 special operations units,beats by dre studio youtube, and each unit of about 300 people. Players most formerly paratrooper commando team and marine special forces team. The forces primarily responsible for dealing with issues such as hijacking, hostage crises. It is modeled on Germany border Brigade of the GsG9 anti-terrorist formation, capable and hostage negotiation, psychological warfare, good surprise terrorist-controlled planes, ships and buildings, but since its formation in the mid 80 yet perform such tasks.
  Types of combat brigades. India best of special forces,beats by dre studio youtube, have participated in operations have never been made public. Until recentlRelated Articles:
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