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. 3 million stamps mainframe in the last one was the size of a hand-welded, with a perfect final program came to an end, ceramic package forged letter is complete. "Universal decryption machine" was born.
  Exciting moment has finally arrived,beats by dre studio yahoo answers, the day is a Thursday in October, a cross-wind with rain in the morning. Field test for the first time. Although the machine how fast or not sure, but engineers there was exactly the same opinion--if the central processor of all work in parallel, universal decryption machine power is strong. But exactly how powerful, they are still unknown.
  Answer 12 minutes later. When the computer output and the clear text, which cracked the password was submitted in the presence of the people were stunned. Universal decryption machine used only for ten minutes, just a little more time to find out a 64 character key, which is more than 20 years ago on the NSA's fastest computers to 1 million times!
  Universal decryption machine construction of Headquarters, Deputy Minister,beats by dre studio yahoo answers, Deputy Director of the NSA, tefulei · J · led by Strathmore,beats by dre studio yahoo answers, NSA had won. Universal decryption machine was a great success. In order to keep this a secret, Strathmore immediately release to the outside air, Deputy Director, said the project has been declared a total failure,beats by dre studio yahoo answers, all the action is in the password to restore the painful losses of 200 million dollars. Only the upper echelons of the NSA know the truth – universal decryption machine cracked every day thousands of passwords.
  Rumors out there, crack--encrypted e-mail messages are not even omnipotent NSA were unsuccessful. Shortly thereafter, the good news came frequently. Drug lords, terrorists and thieves who already fed up with cell phones often suffer from the wiretaps, was intercepted, were to switch to this new contact, which is instantly encrypted e-mail to communicate Related Articles:
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