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  "The school dorm room lights out time from today, half an hour off! "Old Zhao,beats by dre studio vs pro sound quality, sometimes it's like a kid, and the freshmen are dismissive of my" good news ",beats by dre studio vs pro sound quality, out of the old Zhao is also happy like.
  "Man, you did a little upset today? "Old Zhao is not angry, smiled and asked.
  "You are going to graduate soon, take time to do some meaningful things, stop being so boring all day! "I walked down, says,beats by dre studio vs pro sound quality, laozhao aside.
  Old Zhao still lives during the holiday school assigned him to the bedroom, because one person dominates the bedroom spacious living, free.
  Old Zhao sells ten bottles of "old customized power", but also a couple of side dishes.
  "Why don't you buy so many? Drink up,beats by dre studio vs pro sound quality! "I said.
  "There are two bottles to the floor pipe, these people don't ' get ' that would have put me back in seventh, eight people bedroom! "Old Zhao, elated, said.
  A thousand solutions have to worry about drunk, I drink is twice old Zhao instigation. I really doubt the campus gate to sell beer shop, the old Zhao's two uncles because every old got drunk, Zhao said, my uncle was the ideal is in front of the University to open a little shop selling "old customized."
  "On the code of college students didn't say not allowed to bribe the janitor! "Old Zhao You start missing here is the word.
  School janitor is the same, is always treated his students as prisoners, and they were high above the prison guards. Every time when the janitor from our bedroom was found "thermos bottle heater" and cheerfully run to tube section desire, their grim faces exposed in particular, vividly,beats by dre studio vs pro sound quality, exactly like the traitor caught eight of that year.
  "Old corny, two bottles of ' old customized '......, my treat" laozhao says.
  "Oh, so polite, always you, it makes me feel embarrassed ... ..." flat tube old corny shit to make excuses, and once more eager income with two bottles of beer.Related Articles:
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