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  And now, my Qi Gao and silly.
  Then, hammer had been sent to the town, the Revolutionary Committee.
On wet cuffs, cuffs will be shone down frozen.
  Squatting in the town under the red brick walls of the Revolutionary Committee,beats by dre studio review 2012, like two pitifully small cat,beats by dre studio review 2012, poof rustle away tears, tears
  "Ah!" Qi Gao pathetic looking at me,beats by dre studio review 2012.
  Qi Gao heard me, he seemed to be all of a sudden,beats by dre studio review 2012, also found in the outlet channel, and follow up: "fuck his grandmother, Liu
Shiver "
  We called the game for a long time, revile again trembling father Xia Liu. In the end, Qi Gao was
That sad Word, hammer, yesterday.
  Was disturbing enough, hammers for something we get into it, how can we remain indifferent to it, we have to
Way to save it! saved, how can they save, it is a thorny issue, it's not like the mine warfare,beats by dre studio review 2012, and the
Road wars back then, enemies captured revolutionaries are well placed in the shed, sell in, simply pull the wall hole, dig a
Holes can be rescued. Now they are Hammer House is a brick wall, and Windows has so much steel, pull
Approach does not work.
Hole, dig a hole to do. I tried Zhang Gazi, Pan Dongzi ways to combat the enemy, but moved to the front
This is an absolutely confidential approach in order to save RAM, I can do it.
  Qi Gao III frozen urine piss when I suddenly had a plan. But it is a very vicious way,
Brother's brush, dipped in ink, carefully and neatly done, wrote an article in the newspaper reversed, down xxx. So they do
  I'm home, Qi Gao, and then I hide in my house alone in the small mansion, quietly cutting with a knife of a newspaper,
Leaning on that telephone pole ... ..., the magic was, trembling Liu would take up this afternoon, sent to the Revolutionary Committee of the town. The evening,
A thief put it in his pocket and quietly on the street, nobody at noon time, I posted it to the card when you sell
Hammer had been put out.
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