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. He furiously pinching her little fists like a mess with this group of guys.
  "Yeah, yeah,beats by dre studio pink, surrounding so many people below,beats by dre studio pink, then jump off the crazy not crushed to death several people?" People are beginning to riot, have made way road, leaving plenty of open space.
  Redhead laughed: "haha, that lunatic walked up and down in there,beats by dre studio pink, who knows from where to jump down. "People are more frightened,beats by dre studio pink, more open.
  Crowd shoving and shoes thigh forced straight back small glasses, he was close to tears.
  People are talking in a low voice, who is he?
  Small glasses in addition to squeeze up to red hair, took this opportunity to jump up and take back your own telescope, his partner, and went with a slightly loose where.
  It was pointed out that this bald jinhong/f, Chau Hop Shing Building Street facades "huasheng garments shop" boss.
  Bald boss pulls a cell phone quickly pressed the three numbers, "Hello, 110? I'm jinhong building. There is a man trying to jump, very urgent!, jinhong building. "He closed cell phone cover, scanned the crowd a glance said," Ah Bah,beats by dre studio pink, bad luck. If it does die, getting into a plague of blood, I do not do business "people favor nod understanding.
  "Look, look, he went in!" Follow the artist with little glasses issued a press release.
  People ascend to jaw 150 obtuse angle again. Isn't it? painters are no longer stands at the edge of the roof. Indication that he is walking to the Central roof was.
  Someone shouted, go do you do. A lot of people were getting ready to pull out. Car lines issued their engine ROAR.
  Quickly showed frustration and shame on the people's faces. Some people muttered to hit man and take up my time, nothing happens, Oh neck has gone sour. Bald boss scolding words, damn it, I called the police, it's game over.
  Small glasses never leaves his binoculars, just when people Related Articles:
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