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. But on the bridge, he only can see someone crying, didn't recognize who they are, than they who cry ... ...
"Granny, are you saying that when I rest here, it must go why bridge? "Weather Island deliberately playing dumb and asked.
"Oh, why bridge,beats by dre studio new review, may also come back? "On the island and, pretending he didn't know to ask.
"Across the bridge is usually never come back! If you're lucky, you will come back to light in life, but not the man, but a newcomer ... ... "Granny waiting Island out of curiosity, just tell him.
"Ah!" I get back! "On the island said, ready to go,beats by dre studio new review," I have on there under the old, how can you not go back? I have to go back, I have to go back to ... ... "
"Grandma, you give me, you give me ... ..." on the island mean begging road.
"You can't go back! Impermanence in black and white on your way back up! Why don't you listen to mother-in-law, through why bridge towards the early live! "The old lady said, pulling up on the waiting list for the island but that the bridge. Pulling her so waiting could not move the island. Originally she didn't want to look like that was a sweet old lady, in fact, larger than man's strength. Holding Island admission of strength is not small, but was caught by Granny,beats by dre studio new review, move could not move.
"Help, help ... ..." weather Island effort to shout, but Granny still unmoved, continue to him why bridge over there.
"Oh, around you? Around you is a violation of discipline! Every Wang soup man on the bridge, that was my job! Young man, you,beats by dre studio new review, with the old lady now! "The old woman answered, will designate the island pulled into the bridge.
No,beats by dre studio new review. 300 Zhang Shiniang love is eternal and touching
"Son, Ah! Is Wang met you first great sorrow Pavilion and want to go back! Too bad you can't wish comes true! "Wang caught waiting Island, hyperactive dumped, dumped him on the bridge.
Holding island after being left on the bridge when he saw a car coming fast, and kept on either side of the corner. Ah! The driver as if seen therRelated Articles:
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