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. "Zhao put the drink down on the table, reached out to twist-twist on the Lin Zihao shirt cuffs," as you can see, a plain white shirt are you look neat and refined, elegant light was a son of a noble family. "
  "Well. "
  "To tell you, my heart really forget Eiko! "
  Zhao laughed and Linda too, but Zhao's forehead is faintly there was meant to hold. "Zi Hao, somehow,beats by dre studio mute button, I still miss us very complex kind of childhood life,beats by dre studio mute button, British, she okay? "
  "You're not talking about! Fewer women around you? "
  "I, me, forget it! "They just chatted with no aim, no marginal. Zhao's constant drinking, some drunk slowly.
  Music languid veins in their midst,beats by dre studio mute button, Lin Zihao's eye is also getting a little obsessed with it. He also recalled the United States's girlfriend – Eiko. Each sleepless night can easily touch the kind of lonely, too much frustration in life! Suddenly, he'd drunk, drank a few beers with his big mouth, and immediately, chain-by wine can't stop coughing violently, looks like they totally elegant man.
  "It's not for me,beats by dre studio mute button? "Linda holding Zhao murmured say to him.
  Zhao was drunk, he drunkenly to Linda's hands, like a drowning man clutching life-saving straw. "Linda,beats by dre studio mute button, I am so lonely! "Don't know wine is that some tears along the Zhao's bloated face down.
  Zhao is everybody accepted that Playboy, Lin Zihao think depraved life. He collects art in each city, as has his collection of women. Women love his humor, his "bad" men would envy his Yan Fu, and as a student, Lin Zihao thought he was people who live the carefree, woman who always taunt him in a different look for different ideas.
  On that day, they stay late. Zhao held Linda go. Lin Zihao walking alone in the middle of the street, thinking that Zhao's decadence and depravity, and thought in the United States-British. In this foreign land the heart of the city, but their hearts are lonely. Slowly, loneliness becomes a habit, habits he no longer Related Articles:
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