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. "Xue Ding:" stone up the Hill, only to explore,beats by dre studio military edition, not to disturb him. With you my brother team, surprise the bird first peak, making it their long, it is difficult to. "Li Hong:" this account was very good. "Let the shizheng, Xue Ding before, after Li Hong, with peaks to bird around 800 troops in the South, suddenly launched an offensive.
  Through snow,beats by dre studio military edition, Li Hong men white shirts are white, integrated with snow and ice, by a long shot the crossbow gun pinned angle, first sent shrapnel, smoke bombs, skeletons, grass Volt pulse to the head. Li Maner with deep trenches, hiding shrapnel killing, struggling to fight back. Armies for an hour,beats by dre studio military edition, Xue Ding Li Man, be prepared, casualties increase, then back to the Yin que camphor cliff on the peak. Both sides to the cannon, cannons, sniper rifles, long-shot crossbow gun shoot.
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Under the lower part of the 115th ape
  Shizheng silver Bird on peak,beats by dre studio military edition, did not go far, attacked by Sun are set out. That Sun is original in detail, more than five feet high, hands hold 800 pounds of flying hammer, a hand moving up the mill stone, Shi Zheng He screwed up. Shizheng could not go on, and listen to the birds on the peak vibration sound of the guns, fear of loss, quick disengagement to withdraw back to birds on the peak. It was noon, Sun Hung, very hot. Position and the firing process, more from the dashing, hiding in a trench, shirt drenched.
  Huang Cang seeing the outage, Chai, large numbers, and can't easily attack, withdrew from baiyundong cave, and another sent to spy. Ensconced in the optional space after the bird's peak, an in-place build camps, rows of barricades, erected barbed wire gufang. When slightly, helicopters in the air to cast make up Chai, child language Dutch escort on the bird's peak. Li Maner, alsoRelated Articles:
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