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. She didn't seem worried.
 "Next time we'll find out. "She said. My mom was there next time. She continued; ", Deputy General Manager of the Tang dynasty. I was commissioned by the municipal Committee summoned you, because the Secretary has gone to Beijing for a meeting.
 This theory to my surprise. She represents the party summoned me,beats by dre studio lime green, what have I committed? I've made nothing for the party to make trouble for me? My inspiration came all of a sudden, it must be Secretary of Amin reported me. This little girl so much, what is my Junk collector of party Secretary there.
 "Mayor Liu, I did not make any contribution you did wrong? "This is the moment of truth, not modesty.
 "Mayor Liu, that I do not have to answer you,beats by dre studio lime green, I had one only daughter is currently in Russia for Putin to work,beats by dre studio lime green, I have to discuss it with her. "Only my mind exists as a point, but could not put words to death.
 "I just as soon as possible, please tell your party Secretary, and I thank him and the party's concern,beats by dre studio lime green, thank Mayor Liu's concern. "I finished up and ready to go.
 "You walk away? "Her eyes were really big, look at my eyes in a very well rounded.
 She kept sending me to the elevator.
 Her temperature is relatively high, at least 25 degrees, wear a sweater is hot. They have to wear a shirt.
 Li Jianying, General Manager asked me to go to her House tonight, at seven o'clock I arrived.
 "The Assistant, I increase the temperature. "The tea she said.
 "This way, you can be afraid of cold. "Because she was wearing thin.
 "If you like it, I really wanna be your housewife. We want to eat, and chat while eating. "She took me by the hand to the dining room.
 "Jian-ying, you dare to eat so spicy hot pot? "Upon entering the restaurant caught a spicy flavor.
 "It's called love, right? Do you like to eat spicy, I had to lay down my life to accompany a gentleman. "I kind of moved by her words.
 "Today is your birthday, let me offer you a drink,beats by dre studio lime green, I wish you proRelated Articles:
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