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. "He did not detect the entropy of hidden anger in her eyes.
These two characters each have a different memory of the story, everyone believes he is conscientious.
Chen long really have nothing to say--he wants to own this time will never be figured out from the two population 12 years ago, and he was trying to put the stories into a book published novels, but he now finds the author dreams are hard to follow.
Chen had bought a train ticket one o'clock noon, lunch in a snack bar next to the train station.
Hu Shang invited Chen lung on the Xijiang River in the restaurant to eat lunch, Chen long declined: Miss Zhang, 51, will retire to a nursing home, he can't imagine being dressed in shabby clothes and dressed in the splendid restaurant with Hu Shang.
12:30 when he had lined up in the crowded waiting room ticket.
The crowds Chen long came out of nowhere in startling form.
Hu ping bowed his head again, see Chen long, and smiled faintly.
Chen long to catch up with the front of the queue and came to say hello to the man nervously: "Hu Ping ... ... You take the train? "He said, when it found that he asked questions are stupid.
"You're Dejiang today? "Chen long was finally thought about an issue,beats by dre studio left ear problems.
"UM ... "Hu ping nodded.
Hu ping slightly nodded and smiled watching Chen long,beats by dre studio left ear problems.
"What a coincidence! I had been a train. "--This sentence much longer.
Chen had briefly thought about it and said,beats by dre studio left ear problems, "I'm on the 15th ... ..."-the 15th is hard seat carriages, while the 3rd is soft sleeper cars.
Chen Lung nodded with a smile,beats by dre studio left ear problems, Hu ping lips curling up slightly, then push a luggage compartment: it was. Chen long carrying the bags back to the original line up tickets.
Originally in line behind Chen long who this time not to let Chen long station back to its original position, Chen lung-had to go to the end of the queue, lined up to beat.
--Front, take a hike!
On the train, was somewhat disappointRelated Articles:
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