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  Cusdin "sissy" has been hoarse, wear oneself out in pleading, and tuofeige terrorist leader is increasingly adamant. Idle commandos dressed in black clothing and Ross had to patiently wait.
  Negotiations on the 6th day, tuofeige total despair. He United Kingdom Government produced a final trump card: killing the hostages, and decided to begin to get Iran to operate on. Britons expect to "courtesy" the fantasy finally burst to end the hostage crisis.
  First out was a tall young man, he was the Iran Embassy Press Attaché named Abbas. Lamasani, aged 25. Said he volunteered to be the first victim. Courage of the young diplomats won acclaim, shock tuofeige. Lurch,beats by dre studio instructions, a better tomorrow. Shaking a terrorist in the world upright tough guy!
  Abbas. Labasani took leave of his gaze firmly left the room. A few minutes later, slamming the 3 shots,beats by dre studio instructions, he was killed by the tuofeige by hand. Terrorists brutally pushed his body from the front door of the Embassy,beats by dre studio instructions, police immediately had him carried off on a stretcher.
  Tuofeige thought the shooting of the hostages forced the United Kingdom Government and the Iran Government concessions, but he thought wrong. United Kingdom Home Secretary William. Whitelaw says, never let terrorist's blackmail worked. In view of the pressure of the ruling and opposition parties have been pending the outcome of the negotiations by the "Iron Lady" Thatcher determined he gave the order: "Hunter" immediately began to implement the plan of action.
  Surprise success
  The gangsters started killing hostages, it not only failed to promote their plan to succeed, but instead accelerated their demise.
  In order to stabilize the mood of terrorists, do not allow more hostages to bleed, and commandoes by adequate preparation time, London police service in accordance with the instructions of the Government, adopted a stonewalling tactic by telephone to tell terrorists,beats by dre studio instructions, United Kingdom Government agreed to theiRelated Articles:
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