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. I opened the seal, an invitation came out of the red.
  Who will write to me? Are left to the North? Imagine my heart jumped out with a vengeance, I took the letter.
  It's Angier and black bamboo wedding invitation. Just three days after the date of the wedding.
  I opened the invitation,beats by dre studio headphones for cheap, immediately, a surge of cold air from the soles of my feet spread to the whole body quickly, as if I were standing on a high cliff, Vertigo could hardly stand.
  I sat on the couch,beats by dre studio headphones for cheap, don't talk. I don't understand why because he sent me a wedding invitation, is he still wanted me to come to his wedding as a friend, blessed him with black bamboo? Andrew James, you take me too great, don't you want me to tell you in person, I'm with you now, Zi Zhu yuanroad, only a big hate words.
  "To send you an invitation, which do not want to kill you alive? The inhuman man,beats by dre studio headphones for cheap, did I look at life, you owe him, his whole life to endless torment you, small as I tore it up for you. "Hao Sisi angrily tore the Red invitations several paragraphs.
  I smiled bitterly.
  "Small, don't go to his wedding, event that little man, damn, I really want to throw a bomb into his wedding to vent one's hatred. "Hao Sisi and abused was so angry, vulgar language.
  Angier and black bamboo wedding day, I sat in the Office in a daze, and I think this time they must be exchanged wedding rings, kissed them sweetly in front, they looked at each other, smiled fondly ... ... Head is full of my heart, I close my eyes and not let tears flow out of the eye.
  Look, Hao Sisi scolded all the specious, and I'm not well-off compassion is somehow, Yes,beats by dre studio headphones for cheap, Hao Sisi is right, man is by nature an half-hearted creatures, we women really stupid,beats by dre studio headphones for cheap, always immersed in the dreams of love were tricked and fooled them. The results really pay to go and back pain.
  It was dark, I went toRelated Articles:
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