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. At this time, I looked back, and Ding, Director Liu also waved to the back. I explained the situation in the car and headed for the old horse, nag me not to put bite in front of the car, and note the vehicle number, so that once lost can also ask the driver where the goals are under the car.
  At this time, target cars turn left, we have followed up,beats by dre studio headphones 2013, with three or four minutes later, I found out that we get to the Liang Ma Qiao, Liang Ma Qiao is the Embassy area,beats by dre studio headphones 2013, I have seen armed police detachment of soldiers at the Embassy perimeter shadow. Target cars move lasted less than five minutes later, turn left at the intersection in front of, and headed towards agriculture Exhibition Hall main gate. National agricultural exhibition center, where I was civil service exam registration and haven't been here since then. Target car and then turned left, moving in the direction of the great wall hotel, had opened a little after the goal finally arrived at the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel entrance out of the car.
  I asked the driver to stop at about 50 meters from the goal, and even used to pay for the taxi didn't get a chance to get out of the car, through the side cover forward toward the goal of a newspaper column, when passing baolan, I saw it on the front page of the APEC four letters.
  Objectives at this time still stood there and looked around. At the same time, I saw Liu and Ding had got off the taxi, head, standing on the United Kingdom Embassy cultural and education section of the sign below, after a taxi drove away from their presence,beats by dre studio headphones 2013, they walk on the edge of the last newspaper and pretend to talk, head facing the target's direction, Ding back on.
  Goal was not to go inside the great wall hotel,beats by dre studio headphones 2013, but stopped at "Heaven" signs following, looked ahead, took a few steps forward, then stopped and turned to look around. I rushed also stopped has down, forward go has several step,beats by dre studio headphones 2013, stopped in has away from "Heaven" of brand right about 30 m of place, Related Articles:
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