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  Maybe Thunder over fierce old man Interpol trainer too!
  Say that he was really Interpol, in the confidential files of Interpol in z, he is an undercover agent who was assigned to a gang. In fact, those so-called secret report that he submitted all YFly wrote. He certainly hid in the Interpol team Dragon soul brothers in absolute number, just do not know each other's identity.
  Yes, reporter instincts for change have been out nature. Hui-yu 200%, Xin Na this bitch must have thought through their exclusive stories.
  Don't have to give her that much benefit,beats by dre studio gym, Hui Yu immediately tensing his muscles, inside a train in a long moment from your eyes out, sword, by Xin Na aqua-blue eyes, straight insert Xin Na the bottom.
  Xin Na violently fibrillation fibrillation, murmured: "I got it. I swear I will keep it a secret. But could you ... ... "
  She is not to give up one ' s gangster designs.
  However, in four looked at each other, Yu-hui gradually finds something ominous. It is Xin Na eyes fiery. Now the two are in close proximity, it's ambiguous position, but Hui yu know,beats by dre studio gym, Xin Na eyes heating is not itself inspired by charm.
  Hui Yu really wanna punch Xin Na,beats by dre studio gym, but he only argues thundered: "the dead journalists were always kicking journalists mouth compacting.
  I remember you, between you and me, there is no transaction, no compromise! "Add in the eyes after a few minutes, Hui yu finally quell Xin Na.
  At this time, lift to the eight floor ... ...
  The fourth chapter
  Ulster Hall seems to be so long,beats by dre studio gym, but it's so short. The Clippers like Chung to downstream the two, broke open the turbid waves of air, quickly rushed past.
  Lab soon arrived, looked at the closed door, Hui yu felt his heart always sinks.
  Hearts sank also precipitated the surrounding air.
  Lab, still full,beats by dre studio gym, apart from the microbial production of sealed rooms opened the door, and Professor side that never turn off computeRelated Articles:
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