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  So, there was a second and third transactions. Then June, May 1998, Xia Renfan was divided into two "door-to-door", to $ 20,beats by dre studio green light,000 for the Mu Suixin, Mu Suixin also received five.
  But as days passed, the good news that did not come. Xia Renfan was a no matter what you do, do not do, you must be ready to do man. So, he daily are is in very anxious of waiting in the, is in daily analysis guesses in the spent of: old Mu also in, what? is kindness didn't to, also is sent have enough? he of appetite what has more big? themselves sent how many to filled that hole? Xia Renfan heart has no end of? but has a article he heart is waxbacked tissue of, that is old Mu "officials people not greedy", comers more more more good.
  Mu Suixin to deliver 3 times the $ 30,000 received five, allowing Xia Renfan was very happy, he wanted the old Mu took the $ 30,000, not rejected,beats by dre studio green light, this is a hint and a promise. And he knows the old admires the promise, are people who do. For this reason, in those days, he starts as traffic Director's dream.
  Wrote one article: one day in June 1999, Mu Suixin met with foreign guests in business building, Xia Renfan was present for the time. He seize the favorable opportunity, Mu Suixin to "hundred Duffy Lee" men's Watch, Mu Suixin received five. Who would have thought that, in a city long busy stalls for business, meetings with foreign guests, bribes, bribes such a shameful affair thing still.
  After the incident found that 18K gold only "hundred Duffy Lee" table, not cheap, value over more than 90,beats by dre studio green light,000 yuan.
  A very ambitious and, as in the early reform,beats by dre studio green light, why there should have been some objection, so there is no popularity? in a Word, Xia Renfan has changed!
  Now Chief Xia Renfan,beats by dre studio green light, why didn't you? there are many reasons. Most notably Xia Renfan has a problem with the Department of transportation, a bad reputation. Due to the City Department of transportatioRelated Articles:
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