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  The spring of 1826, Osipova hopelessly infatuated daughter rushed to the malinniji Manor in Tver province, heart-rending in Anna's letter to Alexander Pushkin: "entirely possible, you have lost the last few days we spent together ... ... You knows I are stream with tears in to you wrote this seal letter did? I knows this will injury body, but I patience can't, difficult homemade...... "" in I of life in the, no who can makes I produces in you around by experience to of that passion and feel...... "later, she in unhappy in the from time to time read and kiss poet wrote she of love letters,beats by dre studio features, and in died Qian be all burned.
  Then no wisdom nor need art,
  But the passage mercilessly, ushering in life
  Your 17 year old Wah year alternative charming and pretty.
  You get near a volatile period,
  Rare beg plume close glimpse of women in gardens during cesarean section at Mille Lacs,
  Envy to you saying, slowly disappearing,
  And mirrors to be threatening, more unrestrained censure.
  What ... ... Soothing worries,beats by dre studio features, temptation
  Rejected lovers the right to
  Seek the victory – success will be in your
  I sincerely wish you happiness,
  …… As regards the light of my experience,
  That I informed, guarantee to give up poetry.
  To Anna·woerfu (19)
  Alas! Freely to the haughty maiden
  I give my love!
  Our lives, our blood
  I had tears drink wet with tears,
  Her heart of stone cannot be moved.
  Though sad to tear at my heart.
  Being made to suofeiya·puxijinna
  Suofeiya·puxijinna (1806--1862) is a distant relative of the poet, famous beauties of Moscow society. She has a slender figure, he's tall, Willow small waist,beats by dre studio features, beautiful lines, with a pair of ancient Greece of statue-like face,beats by dre studio features,--double the black and bright eyes and a plump black curls, composed, elegant aRelated Articles:
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