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  Brother surprised me this unreliable news, if that really is the case, Yan Zhang and not one other person and I can't go.
  "I was also hearsay, but......" brother Wen chew said a mouthful of pork butt, "I'm English so bad, hopeless, but you and your wife have to PK ... ..."
  "Hey, these are silly, there is no relationship, or he's not gonna get fired! "After a man said.
  School discipline has decided to finally put up at the school gate. Two college freshmen, one junior, one senior student expelled. This school is really a bit ruthless was dismissed, without even the detention. Onlookers student teacher waves of regret.
  I finally could not resist looking back at a glance, turned out to be Zhong Guoqiang.
  I have no vioce at all, slipped quietly from the side.
  This guy has been dissatisfied with me, today finally gave him a chance to get back at me.
  Who really helped me in the dark,beats by dre studio dark blue? Doubt surfaced in my mind.
First day of school, it is always very busy, determine how many credits you need to complete this semester to determine elective course,beats by dre studio dark blue, preparing exams, but everyone is special enrichment.
  Our intensive English programme will be national grade exam next month,beats by dre studio dark blue, so I borrowed this from the Library English word book. School rules will always be more perverted, non-intensive English students can only apply to countries on the sophomore level four, reason is to ensure that the pass rates of school grade.
  "Schools like discrimination, what you can grade this term, we'll have to wait until next semester? "Erhu always has a lot of complaints to the school system.
  "You have to ask the foreign language Department, in fact,beats by dre studio dark blue, I don't want to ... ...," I said.
  "Oh, is less a make-up opportunity? "Brother jumped out told of erhu said.
  "How did you know I'm gonna retake it,beats by dre studio dark blue? "Erhu disgruntled asked.
  "What, no obvious freshman does not give us a chance! "Er-Hu said.
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