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  "I, I ... ... and, a few days ago I......" I was drinking with old Zhao in his bedroom a few days ago,beats by dre studio cnet review, and then was caught by Department of residence life, the next day to the students see the Bell tell whole story for Wang over.
  "You have to be prepared, such as Dean after the meeting, I went to ask him what the hell! I go back to the Office! "The teacher patted me on the shoulder and said Wang.
  As much as I want to tell Wang Zhong Guoqiang this kid cheated, but then she decided, these personal, it is better not to let teachers know.
  The boss asked me what I said casually, the boss said that I am a frequent customer,beats by dre studio cnet review, slow food is left today, give me a few more dishes, I thanked the indifferent.
  Up to now, I have nothing to eat, just automatically pull legs to walk to school in front of a snack bar.
  Carrying a lunch box I forget to go, just went back to the bedroom area underneath the flyover, a sweet voice behind me a voice. I slowly turned around to look, was Wen Xiaxi, beside there is a very handsome guy, I think this guy is a little familiar, a half second, turned out to be the last in the small shop inside of the boy ran into dinner with Wen Xiaxi, brother to huge,beats by dre studio cnet review, I said it was the Chancellor's son.
  "Oh, huge and my boyfriend! "Easygoing and Wen Xiaxi introduced me, unlike some girls and their boyfriends are being pulled up, between the shy and nervous,beats by dre studio cnet review, look around it. Didn't think Wen Xiaxi is chased by this huge, beautiful sad Hero level!
  "This is what I always gave you about the Prodigy! "Wen Xiaxi introduce huge.
  "Hello, Hello, we were last in ' Donald Duck ' ever! "Huge politely offered to greet me.
  "Hello, Hello......" and I politely returned.
  "Okay," huge nodded.
  "You wait here, I have a little thing for prodigy saying! "Wen Xiaxi said to huge.
  "Well, I don't know! "Related Articles:
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